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From the book "The Linkous Family History Expanded" by Clovis Linkous

(*Note text added in Dark Blue are from my own personal research)

111. John Francis Linkous m. Tima O. Virginia Walters

1111. James Preston (1845-1865)--Killed in Civil War.
1112. George (1847-1926) m. 1871 Sarah Jane A. Hall (1846-1915)
1113. Floyd Montgomery (1850-1937) m. (1st) 1868 Olivia Jane Grissom (1851-1915) (2nd) 1921 S. E. Zentmeyer
1114. Harvey J. (1852-1917) m. 1883 Louviena M. V. Woolwine (1852-1942)
1115. John Christian Taylor (1855-1930) m. 1875 Nancy A. Elizabeth Woolwine (1858-1952)
1116. Adam (1859-1859)
1117. Mary F. "Mollie" (1860-1898) m. 1884 Tazewell P. Montgomery
1118. Amanda Catherine (1864-1906) m. 1890 5141.Sylvester T. Stanger (1866-1942)
1119. Annie E. (1867-1942) unmarried.
111(10). LouEmma Frances (1867-1928) m. 1884 Blair Derushie Edmundson Johnson (1865-?)
111(11). Jackson (1874-?)

John Francis and Tima lived in Montgomery Co., Virginia where the community of Merrimac of today is located. John Francis is listed as having served in the Confederate Army, 2Co. C, 36th VA Inft. Trig Linkous says in his book that John Francis married Molly Miller. However, the marriage records in the courthouse state that John married Tima Walters, daughter of Rachel Ervin, Jacob Walters as surety.

End of Forth Generation

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