From the book "The Linkous Family History Expanded" by Clovis E. Linkous

(*Note text added in Dark Blue are from my own personal research)

11. Adam Linkous m. Nancy Long

111. John Francis (1825-1884) m. 1844 Tima O. Virginia Walters (1825-1880)
112. William C. (1832- ) m. 1851 Susan Jane Woolwine (1835- )
113. Charles W. Edward (1836- ) m. (1st) Eliza ___?___ (2nd) 1864 Harriet Cupp (1845- )
114. Isaac (1826- ) m. 1851 Martha J. Hodge (1836- )
115. Henry (1835-1919) m. Malinda Snider (1836-1881)
116. Thomas M. (1837- ) m. 1853 Ellen Grissom (1838-1922)
117. Sarah L. (1839-1863) m. George Woolwine

The 1870 census list Adam's occupation as a coal hauler. He and Nancy lived in the community later to be called Merrimac, Virginia. Adam has the distinction of having far more descendants than any other grandchild of Henry Linkous (Heinrich Linckost).

12. Henry Linkous m. Margaret Elizabeth "Peggy" Shell

121. John H. (1844-1912) m. 1867 Elizabeth Ann Haymaker (1848-1910)
122. William Henry (1823-1884) m. 1844 Elizabeth Kipps (1822-1883)
123. Gordon Pearis (1825-1903) m. 1851 Mary Catherine Sibold (1831-1912)
125. Margaret E. m. 1859 James T. Kinzer, they moved to Oklahoma
126. Mary Elizabeth (1832-1912) m. 1855 John Sibold (1827-1878)
127. Nannie Valmie (1849- ) m. 1875 George Keagy, no children born to this marriage
128. Sarah E. (1841-1915) m. 1870 Robert Montgomery Broce (1851-1940)
129. Hattie V. (1836-1901) unmarried

13. John M. Linkous m. Hannah Jane Whitt

131. William Purvis (1828-1882) m. 1852 Mary Brown Cecil (1830-1915)
132. Mary (1837-1885) unmarried
133. Milbourn Floyd (1839-1900) m. (1st) 1857 Elizabeth Caroline Comer (1838- ) (2nd) 1876 Mary Elizabeth Rose (1841- )
134. Rebecca (1846- ) m. Sylvester "Vess" Norman, no children born to this marriage
135. Martha S. (1844-1905) m. 1862 William James Wallis (1839-1902)
136. Betty (1835- ) unmarried
137. Edmonia (died young)
138. John (1831-?) born in Cedar Bluff Tazewell Co., VA

John M. Linkous moved from Montgomery Co. to Tazewell Co., Virginia around 1830 and located near Paint Lick Mountain. He was a Primitive Baptist Preacher. He has the distinction of having the second most descendants of the grandchildren of Henry Linkous (Heinrich Linckost). William Wise Linkous (1319.), a grandson of John M., wrote about him in 1935 as follows: "It has been 52 years since I saw my grandfather. I can remember some stories he told and some stories tild about him. It is said that he was a very bold, strong man and very brave. I heard a man say he saw him get mad and strike a log cabin with his fist and it shook the cabin. Never the less, the bravest sometimes get scared. He told me about being out one night and there was something coming toward him and it looked as big as a house. He picked up a stone and threw it with all his might and ran to the house as fast as his legs would carry him. He went back the next morning and he had killed a "possum." Many are the time that I rode horseback in the "rear seat" to see them over the hills, no roads except bridal paths. They broke up housekeeping and came to our house to live. While I do not know the exact date, I think it was in the latter part of 1881. My father died November 21, 1882 and my grandmother about two weeks earlier. Then grandfather and aunt Mary left right soon and went to Kentucky and I think both of them died shortly afterwards and were burried there. My uncle Milbourn came to my house and took them away to Kentucky."

14. Abraham Linkous m. Emeline Simpson Surface

141. William Albert (1837-1897) m. Mary Polly Louks
142. George Washington (1848-1912) m. (1st) Matilda Wiley (?-1883) (2nd)
Sallie Ann King
143. Charles Miller "Doc" (1861-1934) m. Alice Keeling (1870-?)
144. Susan Hartsella (1854-1935) m. James David Honaker (1847-1920)
145. Nancy Elizabeth (1840-1920)
146. Martha Aren (1842-?)
147. Mary Ellen (1844-1931) m. Bill Lambert
148. James Madison (1846-1924)
149. John Raburn (1851-1899) m. 1875 Isabelle Virginia Nunn (1871-?)
14(10). Jesse Granger (1856-1919) m. 1874 Mary Martha Nunn (1855-1919)
14(11). Geneva Angaline (1858-1924) m. 1885 Thomas Lee Songer

Abraham lived in Tazewell Co. and Bland Co., Virginia. In Bland Co., he lived at Clear Fork and Wolf Creek.

15. Betsy Linkous m. James Peter Hite

151. John T. (1838-?) m. 1867 Rachel A. Ratliff
152. Gordon T. (1852-?) m. 1878 Mary Harrell
153. Daniel (1840-?) m. 1882 Nancy Gusler
154. Abraham (1847-?)
155. Jacob
156. Floyd Crockett (Hight)(1855-1938) m. 1878 Mary Emeline Price (1852-1915)
157. William Ballard Preston (1858-1935) m. 1882 Martha Jane Virginia Scott (1857-1940)
158. Mary E. (1842-1854)
159. Catherine J. (1852-1854)
15(10). Nannie A. (1860-?) m. 1885 Charles Saddler
15(11). Joseph E. (1848-?) m. 1867 Victoria Strader

James P. Hite was the son of the German pioneer of the Shenandoah Valley, Peter Hight. James P. was an overseer for William Ballard Preston, owner of Smithfield Plantation and a Virginia state legislator during the Civil War. He drove Preston to Richmond to hear the Emancipation Proclamation read. He named his youngest son after Preston. Three of his sons (John, Gordon and Daniel) fought for the South in the Civil War; two fought for the North in the Civil War (Jacob and Abraham). Jacob and Abraham never returned from Missouri after the war.

16. Eliza Linkous m. Joseph Roberts

161. John Henry Taylor (1847-1935) m. Nancy Beauregard Wilson (1862-1926)
162. William J. (1853-1939) m. (1st) Molly Whitworth (2nd) Sally Dunn (3rd) Annie Long (1860-1950)
163. Nancy Emma (1847-?) m. William Lorton
164. James W. Scott (1847-?)--Went to Nebraska and stayed.
165. Sarah A. (1852-?) unmarried
166. Eliza I. (1843-?)

Elizabeth and John made their home in the Montgomery Co. community of Belmont. Elizabeth lived in the hollow toward Lick Branch below the Dave Charlton place at the time of the Civil War. John Henry Taylor and James W. Scott were twins.

Joseph Roberts of Amherst, Virginia served as a drummer in the 12th U.S. Army Infantry in a company led by Captains James Charlton and Paxton from September 1812 to March 1814. His second wife, (16.)Eliza, said he ran away from home and enlisted at a very young age over his father's objection. (His army record indicates age 19 at enlistment, but this may be older than actual.) After discharge, he married Margaret Rager and had 3 daughters. Thay lived in Strasburg, Virginia before moving to Montgomery Co. Margaret died in 1837. He received a bounty of 80 acres for his military service. He married (16.) Elizabeth Linkous in 1842 and they had 6 children before Joseph's death in 1854. In 1878, Eliza applied for a pension for the miltary service of Joseph (Application 29359.). (171.)Gordon Thomas Linkous, Davidson W.L. Charlton and Crockett Hawley testified on Eliza's behalf in the application for a pension. Eliza signed her name on the pension application in a very legible handwriting indicating she was at least somewhat literate. Eliza's name was apparently "Eliza" only and not a contraction of "Elizabeth" for so it is recorded in the census and pension documents. Her sister, (15.) "Betsy" may have had the other half of their mother's name, "Elizabeth."

17. Mary Linkous

171. Gordon Thomas "Switch" (1828-1902) m. 1849 Amanda F. M. Litton (1824-1901)
172. Eliza Jane (1840-1915)

Mary Linkous made her home in the Montgomery Co., Virginia community of Vicker. Eliza Jane was given 357 acres by Margaret Taylor in 1867, excepting the Little Vein Coal Mine and 15 acres around it. The mine was up Lick Branch from the Coal Hollow road to Price's Fork. (Harvey L. Price's notes indicate that Eliza Jane's father was a Taylor.)

21. Jacob Linkous m. ______?_____

211. Daughter
212. Daughter
213. Mary (1832-?)
214. Sarah A. (1833-?)
215. George A. (1836-1878) m. 1865 Nancy Jane Hogue (1844-1893), Knox Co., Indiana

The above information on Jacob came from the 1830, 1840 and 1850 censuses of Dubois Co., Indiana under the names of "Lincas" and "Lincus". No wife is listed for Jacob in the 1850 census, the first census to list relationships, names and ages of all family members, so we conclude the mother of these children had died prior to 1850.

The following marriage records have been found in the Indiana records:

Lousia Lincus m. 1834 James Mechler--Dubois Co.
Henry Lincus m. 1841 Louisa Daffern--Dubois Co.
Martha Jane Linkous m. 1846 James Harrison--Knox Co.
Jacob Lincus m. 1850 Nancy Claycomb--Knox Co.

The 1880 Knox Co., Indiana census lists:

Nancy Linkous (1844-?)--head of household [certainly the widow of George A.]
Mahala W. (1868-?)--daughter
Harry P. (1873-?)--son
Rachel M. (1878-?)--daughter

The 1900 Knox Co., Indiana census list:

May Linkous (1869-?)--Born in Indiana, living as a servant in the home of Albert Sheeperd in Vincennes, Indiana.
Millie Linkhous (1881-?)--Born in Indiana, a border in the home of Vezz Kessinger in Vincennes, Indiana.

There can be little doubt that these entries are descendants of (2.)George Linkous, but I have been unable to fill in the story.

31. Benjamin R. Linkous m. (1st) Susan F. Beckley (2nd) Augusta Bessie Browing
(No children found for second marriage)

311. Charles E. (1853-1889) m. 1880 Bettie E. Gardner
312. John F. (1858-?) born in Fayette Co., VA (W.VA today)

The following reference was found concerning the war with Mexico: "Captain James F. Preston of Montgomery Co. raised a company and was attached to the Virginia Regiment. Many of these men who went with the Virginia Regiment to Mexico became distinguished soldiers in our late Civil War. Captain James F. Preston was made Col. of the 4th VA. Regiment. Benjamin Linkous, another member of Preston's Company became a Col. of a Confederate Regiment of the Stonewall Brigade 36th Virginia Infantry." According to the 1860 census, Benjamin was living in Beckley, Raleigh Co., West Virginia (Virginia at the time) with wife Susan and son Charles. The city of Beckley, W.VA and his wife's maiden name are likely not a coincidence. His real estate and personal property were valued at $6000. They are listed as landlord and landlady with housekeeper and gardner. In 1876 and 1877, Benjamin and Susan acquired large acreage of land on Price Mountain in Montgomery Co., Virginia. Benjamin and Augusta are buried in the Municipal Cemetery of Christiansburg, Virginia.

41. Larkin Linkous m. Ardelia Shepherd

411. Frances A. m. 1855 William Franklin Eaton (1834-?) born in Virginia

Apparently Larkin lived in Giles Co., Virginia for both he and his daughter were born there. In the year 1900, Larkin was living with his son-in-law, William, in the city of Roanoke, Virginia. Larkin has also been located in the 1860 Pulaski Co., Virginia census with his daughter and son-in-law living with him. It list his real property as $350.

42. Wheeler F. Linkous m. Mary R. Kammitt

421. Anna Josephine (1869-?) m. 1895 Benjamin F. Bock
422. Lula (1877-?) unmarried

Wheeler F. Linkous was in the Confederate Army, Co. C, 4th VA Infantry, as a Private. I was able to locate Wheeler Linkous in the 1860 Pulaski County census as a laborer in the home of James A. Early.

43. James Ballard Linkous m. Elizabeth Jane Keister

431. John Jacob (1856-1932) m. (1st) 1876 Virginia Faulkner (1852-1892) (2nd) 1893 Ollie J. Faulkner (1861-1935)
432. William Paris (1869-?) m. (1st) 1889 Araminta Cupp (1873-?) No children, Pulaski, VA. (2nd) 1920 Ida May Adams--No children, Pulaski, VA.
433. Robert Preston (1874-1959) m. 1903 Eva Evans Vest (1877-1972)
434. Patton (1877-?) unmarried--living in Detroit, MI. in 1932.
435. Jackson Leonard (1866-1911) m. 1888 (449.) Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Linkous (1860-1939) Williamson, W.VA
436. Jay Ballard (1863-1929) m. 1893 Elizabeth B. Shields
437. Mandola (1859-1932) m. 1877 William P. Rogers
438. Ada C. (1880-?) m. 1902 Ransum Flannery (1878-?)--Richmond, VA, 1932.
439. Lucy Beal (1872-?) m.1893 Robert Lee Brady (1863-?)--Williamson, W.VA, 1932.
43(10). Ellen Leuvenia (1855-?) m. 1877 Alvan M. Smith

James Ballard Linkous lived near Blacksburg, Virginia.

44. Crockett Linkous m. Mary Catherne Kipps

441. John Crockett (1856-1929) m. 1881 Emerilla F. Albert (1861-?)
442. Emmett Radford (1858-1894) m. Nannie Emma Ingle--No children
443. William Wade (1863-1935) m. 1889 Willie Eggleston Carson (1873-1922)
444. Dallas K. (1866-1908) unmarried
445. Edward H. "Bud" (1868-1938) m. 1894 (642.)Lellie Belle Linkous (1870-1957)
446. Robert (1870-1935) m. 1897 Nancy Taylor Elliott (?-1931)
447. Webester P. (1872-?) m. 1895 Delia A. Lucas (1878-?)
448. Hattie Mary (1855-1938) unmarried
449. Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" (1860-1939) m. 1888 (435.)Jackson Leonard Linkous (1866-1911)
44(10). Wheeler Paris (1862-1938) m. Margaret Emma Mansburger--No Children

Crockett Linkous volunteered for service in the war with Mexico, First Grenadier Co. of VA Volunteers, but was discharged at Fort Monroe before the Company left for Mexico for reason of disability. He lived on a farm near Blacksburg, Virginia.

45. John Mitchell Hevy Linkous m. (1st) Jane Davis

451. James Patton (1843-1915) m. 1873 Harriet S. Shell (1856-?)
452. Harrison B. (1850-?) m. 1892 Agnes Bane (1862-1930)
453. Elizabeth m. 1878 John Cromer
454. William T. (1845-?) m. 1867 Susan Poisulla Eakin (1846-?)
455. Mary A. (1842-?) m. Tom Harvey
456. Edmonia (1846-?) m. __?__ Ellis
457. Sarah (1859-?)

John Mitchell Hevy Linkous m. (2nd) Mary Alice Songer

458. Robert Preston (1877-?) m. 1903 Ida Blanche Sumpter
459. Minnie L. (1874-1940) m. 1895 George H. Stump (1873-?)
45(10). John Mitchell (1879-1957) m. Lillian Nancy Brookman (1883-1953)
45(11). James Preston (1883-1963) m.(1st) 1903 Hulda Price (2nd) 1917 Maggie Mae Evans
45(12). Cora H. (1875-?) m. 1894 Fred Ring
45(13). John Everett (1889-?) m. Ellen __?__--No Children
45(14). Houston M. m. 1915 Minnie Puckett
45(15). Hattie J. (1891-?) m. 1910 Mark E. Price
45(16). Nannie (1892-?) m. 1910 Conway M. Keister
45(17). Lila B. (1880-?) m. 1902 R. T. Lorton
45(18). May Virginia (1882-?) m. 1904 Ervin W. Cornett (1882-?)

John Mitchell Hevy Linkous served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. According to his grandson, (45(11)1.)Robert P. Linkous, John M. H. raised his family in Blacksburg, Virginia and died there. It seems strange that he would have two children named "John" and two named "James P.", but independant sources bear this out. Maybe that is what 18 children does for one!

47. Amy Linkous m. Samuel Kipps

471. John unmarried
472. Jacob m. Emily Price--Moved to Texas
473. Al m. Judge Robinson
474. Maggie m. __?__ Taylor
476. Jessie m. John Lord

48. Harriet Linkous m. (1st) John W. Clemens

481. Mary m. John Epling

Harriet Linkous m. (2nd) Ruben Fellers

482. Nancy J. m. 1867 Joseph W. Pedigo

Harriet Linkous m. (3rd) Wood Gitt

483. Charles D.
484. Frank
485. Alice

51. Henry S. Stanger m. Ellen J. Webb

511. Mary E. (1852-?) m. George T. Faulkner--Moved to Kentucky
512. Nicholas R. (1864-1898)
513. Webb E. (1864-1936) unmarried
514. William Henry (1842-1935)[His mother is Nancy Shepherd] m. 1865 Mary Ellen Litton (1845-1926)
515. William T. (1854-?)

Henry S. Stanger volunteered for service in the 1848 war with Mexico. He was a 2nd Lieutenant in the First Grenadier Co. of VA Volunteers. The Company left Christiansburg January 6, 1847 and was mustered into service at Richmond on January 15. They left Fort Monroe on March 1 and arrived at Comargo on April 1. They remained in Mexico until the treaty was ratified in mid-June, 1847. On August 1, 1847, they were mustered out of service at Fort Monroe. Henry S. was born in Kentucky, but lived essentially all his life in Montgomery Co., Virginia. It seems likely that William Henry Stanger had a full or one-half sister named Mary O. Shepherd (1840-?). The 1860 census lists Mary O. in the household of Nancy Shepherd. Stella Jones, William Henry Stanger's granddaughter, recalled to the author of hearing in family conversations of a "Little Mary" in the household of Nancy Shepherd.

52. John A. Stanger m. (1st) 1839 Eliza Croy (2nd) 1846 Mary Polly Davis
(All the children seem to be from second marriage)

521. Elizabeth (1848-?) m. 1870 Tipton B. Davis (1847-?)
522. Ella (1850-?) m. 1870 Byrd Anderson (1844-?)
523. Robert P. (1854-1926) m. 1899 Ida F. Bingham (1869-?)
524. James Patton (1863-?) unmarried--Railroad conductor
525. Walter Red m. Lula O. Sutphin
526. John N. (1854-?) m. Mary J. __?__ (1853-?)
527. Annie T. (1860-1934) unmarried
528. Henry (1847-?)

John Stanger lived at Blacksburg, Virginia and was a Constable of Blacksburg for many years.

53. Thomas A. Stanger m. Edmonia Davis

531. John Davis (1859-1924) m. 1903 Corvenia Price
532. Thomas B.
533. Mary Emma m. 1873 Dr. J. W. Miller

Like his brother, Thomas lived at Blacksburg and was a Constable there for many years.

61. Burgess Riley "Bird" Linkous m. Mary Elizabeth Monroe

611. Walter J. (1866-1909) m. Ada Powers
612. Francis Clayton (1868-?) m. Blanche Klein
613. Houston Monroe (1871-?) unmarried
614. Maury Burgess K. (1874-1933) m. 1918 Mary Virginia Kirk (1885-1969)
615. Homer G. (1884-?) m. Cora Bell Price
616. Mary Byrd (1879-?) m. 1905 Arthur E. Williams (1876-1926)
617. Mabel C. (1882-1920) m. 1907 George Franklin Evans (1861-1920)
618. Ora Annis (1888-?) m. 1912 William Lee Lucas
619. Winnie Rachael (1890-?) m. 1936 French Sullivan Swoope
61(10). Archer Duval (1877-1916) unmarried

Burgess owned a store between Blacksburg and Prices Fork which remained a local landmark until around 1976. (In the Book)See the newspaper article in chapter 9 and photo on next page. Burgess is listed in the 1880 census as a surveyor.

62. Josephus Price Linkous m. Frances Armentrout

621. Nancy Frances (1874-1890) unmarried
622. Lucy Mae (1873-1889) unmarried
623. Bessie A. (1875-?) m. 1901 William Stith Bell
624. Mary Katharine (1875-?) m. 1899 Robert Lee Johnson
625. Joseph Byrd Huff Price (died in infancy)
626. Jessie Liggett (1880-1897)
627. Lochie Rankin (1883-1958)
628. Mattie Joe (1885-?) m. J. W. Allen

Josephus Price Linkous lived in Montgomery Co., Virginia and served in the Confederate Army, Co. L, 4th Virginia Infantry as a Sergeant. He and Martha are buried in the municipal cemetery of Christiansburg, Virginia.

Josephus Price Linkous was the father of a child (below 629.) born to Ellen Crockett Barger and the father to another (below 62(10).) born to Mary C. Olinger, both at Blacksburg, Virginia. The David Harvey Barger information comes from the research of a descendant of David Harvey Barger. The Joseph Henry Linkous information is surmised from the marriage record at the Montgomery County Courthouse, where his father is listed as J. P. Linkous; the geographical closeness of the home of Josephus Price Linkous and the Perfater family with whom Mary C. Olinger lived; and the death record of Joseph Henry Linkous, which states his parentage was unknown. I have been unable to find any evidence to support a family tradition that the father of Joseph Henry Linkous was William Frank Linkous, a Sheriff, killed in 1862 when thrown by a horse while chasing 2 fugitives

629. David Harvey Barger (1857-1931) m. (1st) 1879 Sarah Mildred Ricketts (1857-1886) (2nd) 1893 Daisy Lindsay Caldwell (1868-1952)
62(10). Joseph Henry Linkous (1857-1937) m. 1882 Margaret Frances Albright (1867-1952)

63. John Taylor Linkous m. Martha Jane Creasy

631. Eddie Jane (1860-?) m. 1887 Thomas Fieldings Suthers--Norton, VA
632. Mollie Matilda (1862-1955) m. 1892 Garnett Benjamin Stevens--Roanoke, VA
633. Benjamin Wirt (1865-?) m. Isabelle Creasy (1869-?)
634. Mervin Blair "Bronk" (1870-1911) m. (1st) 1895 Laura May Dixon (1875-1904) (2nd) 1907 Viola Verna Hankla (?-1931)
635. Burcie Ann (1857-1861)
636. Josephine (1858-1861)

The 1880 census shows that John Taylor Linkous and family were living in the Clearfork District of Tazewell Co., Virginia. John served in the Confederate Army in Co. F, 22nd VA Calvary, ending with the rank of Captain. John Taylor owned large tracts of land, which in his time included most of the town of Graham, Virginia. When he moved to Graham in 1883, the town had just changed its name from Pin Hook; later it was changed again to Bluefield. Captain Linkous was the first mayor of Graham. He built his home on what is now Tazewell Avenue in 1884 or 1885 on several acres known as the Linkous Reservation. He is buried on the hillside on Tazewell Avenue with a stone marking the spot. He died on December 14, 1892. In January, 1993 the History Committee for Bluefield, Virginia had a renovation of the site under study and by March, 1993 the 6 acre site had been purchased for that purpose.

64. Edwin J. Amiss Linkous m. Alzira Ellen Elizabeth Carper

641. Robert Taylor (1865-1940) m.Carrie Shumate (?-1959)--No children
642. Lellie Belle (1870-1957) m. (445.)Edward H. "Bud" Linkous
643. Joseph Warren (1872-1920) m. (6321.)Mattie Sue Stephens
644. Walter Lee (1875-1948) m. (1st) Mary Martin (2nd) Beatrice Lewis (1898-?) (3rd) 1928 Mary Early (1892-?)
645. Minnie Faye (1885-1937) m. (1st) 1898 George Whallow Vickers (1870-?) (2nd) 1910 William G. Moran (1882-?)
646. Louie Caswell (1883-1963) m. (1st) Mable Bailey (?-1910) (2nd) Helen Byrne
647. Blanch (1883-?)--Died as Infant
648. Son--Died as Infant
649. Daughter--Died as Infant
64(10). Lawrence McKenny--Died as Infant
64(11). Lottie Ligeon--Died as Infant
64(12). Lula--Died as Infant

Edwin Amiss Linkous and family were living in Montgomery Co., Blacksburg District in 1880. Edwin Amiss served in the Confederate Army, Co. L, 4th VA Infantry, with the highest rank of Lieutenant. His son, Louie Caswell, was a contractor and Civil Engineer of Williamson, West Virginia. Louie did a substantial amount of work on the history of the Linkous family in the early 1930's. He never got his work published, or even in good order. He supplied information to Harvey L. Price who somewhat ordered it and preserved it in the form of notebook notes. These records are in library of Virginia Polytechnic Institute. The present writer obtained the original notes of Louie Caswell from (4451.)Alize Carper Linkous Barnett and made copies of them. The writer and all users of this history are greatly indebted to Louie Caswell Linkous for his interest and work on the Linkous family. During the Great Depression, Louie headed a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp at Roncefort, West Virginia.

66. Landonia Linkous m. (1st) Noah Kipps (2nd) Thomas Jones
(All the children seem to be from first marriage)

661. John Henry (1840-1919) m. Betty Mitchell (1847-1910)
662. Mary Frances m. Crockett Price--No children

67. Mary Elizabeth Linkous m. Michael Kipps

671. Mattie (1871-?) m. Lee Williams
672. Joe (1871-1915) m. Annie Taylor
673. Robert (1856-1934) m. Alma Pepper--No children
674. George m. Lizzie Cupp
675. Fanny (1865-?) m. Floyd Croy--Killed in Missouri
676. Landonia (1865-1924) m. Frank Wall
677. John (1867-?) m. Nannie L. Smith (1866-?)
678. Eddie Joe--Died at age 14

Michael Kipps and his family acquired the home place of Mary Elizabeth's father, (6.)Henry Linkous, which was the home place of the original Henry Linkous. The house was lived in by two grand-daughters of Michael and Mary until many years past their retirement from high school teaching; namely, May and Florence Kipps, daughters of John and Nannie Kipps. May and Florence told the writer an interesting story which happened in the house. Michael and Mary Elizabeth had invited a Methodist minister to come to their home and baptize all the children. Landonia felt the cold water (sprinkling) go down her back and began to giggle. This started all the children to giggling and greatly embarrassed the parents. After the minister left, the father admonished the children as to their mistake and solidified the admonition with a switch from the lawn.

72. Caroline Linkous m. William Anderson Kinkead

721. Margaret E. (1841-?) m. Jeremiah Gibson
722. Samuel Addison (1843-1923) m. Sarah Augusta Gibson (1858-1938)
723. William Anderson Jr. (1846-1925) m. Susan Frances Hagood (1849-1892)
724. Nancy Catherine (1851-1919) m. Samuel A. Grubb (1838-1936)
725. David H. (1854-1897)
726. Frances (1857-?)
727. James R. (1857-?) m. Nellie J. __?__
728. Harvey (1849-?)--Died before 1860 census

This family lived in Hawkins Co., Tennessee. The above information is from marriage and census records of that county. There is a disagreement between the 1860 and 1870 census on Francis and James. There may only have been one person instead of two. (72366.)Mildred Rose Emmert has supplied much of the above information and information on the descendants of this family.

73. Davidson Bennett Linkous m. Mary ___?___

731. John Washington Linkous Sr. (1842-1921) m. (1st) Susan Emma Connor (1842-1910) (2nd) Hannah Cash (3rd) Chassie Cochram (4th) 1911 Sarah Moore (5th) 1916 Minda A. Weaver (1853-?)
723. Margaret E. (1846-?) m. 1865 John Amel
733. Malinda Jane (1847-?) m. ___?___ Thomas
734. Susan Adeline (1848-?)
735. Andrew Gibson (1851-?)
736. Lousia (1853-1916) m. 1882 Luther Marcum
737. Davidson Bennett Jr. (1856-1926) m. Mary Ellen Fry (1859-1936)

This family lived in Hawkins Co., Tennessee and may be found in the 1850 and 1860 censuses. The 1900 census records Mary as still living there and that she had seven children, six of which were still living. (73153.)Bertie Linkous, a great-grand-daughter of Davidson wrote to the writer that John Washington had six wives and Susan was the sixth. However, I have presented above information according to that found in pension applications for service in the Confederate Army by John Washington Linkous. Bertie also said that John Washington had a brother named Kud. Perhaps this was a nickname. On April 1, 1979, Elizabeth Molly Alvis Hilton, age 93, told the writer that: "Uncle Davie was Mary's Man; that Lou's mother was named Mary; that Aunt Mary lived by a pond between Chestnut Ridge and Pine Mountain in Little Valley; that Mary had hunting dogs named Bob and Callie; and that John had a brother named Dave." Molly Hilton was a sister to the wife of (7362.)Porter G. Linkous.

74. Barnabas B. Linkous m. Mary Grose

741. William M. (1851-1930) m. 1873 Lutitia Mabe Moore (1854-1931)
742. Emeline (1853-?) m. 1875 John Still
743. Floyd L. (1856-?) m. (1st) 1875 Martha Jane Bradley (2nd) 1927 Rosa Price (1857-?)
744. Gaines Bass (1859-1938) m. 1883 Jurusaha Jane Williams (1867-1904)
745. Frances (1866-?) unmarried
746. Ellen (1864-?)
747. Perry G. (1869-1937) m. 1892 Cordelia Vaughan (1874-1927)

This family lived in Hawkins Co., Tennessee. Public records and family passed down information reveal that Barnabas served in the Civil War (Union Army) a Sergeant, Co. E, 1st TN Calvary. The family believes he is buried in Wards Cemetery on Gillian Creek Road.

77. John Barnett Linkous m. (1st) Mary Ann Housewright

771. Gibson Meredith (1851-1925) m. 1874 Julie Ann Hicks (1852-1924)

John Barnett Linkous m. (2nd) Julia L. Stallard

772. Mary Mollie (1876-?) m. Thomas Daniel Wollard

John and Mary were married in Hawkins Co. Tennessee and settled in Rutledge, Grainger Co., Tennessee. Mary died either in child birth with son, Gibson, or when Gibson was very young. Gibson ran away from home at about age 11 or 12 and lived near/with his Housewright cousins in Hawkins Co., Tennessee. Gibson worked as overseer for the Phelps/Phillips family of Hawkins Co. Tennessee. John remarried to Julia L. Stallard in Hawkins Co., Tennessee and they resettled in Blaine Crossroads (Blaine today) Grainger Co., Tennessee. In the 1900 Grainger County census it states that Julia (with John) was a mother of six children with five children still living, Mary Mollie is the only child found thus far from the second marriage. John died between 1900 and 1910 as Julia is listed as a widow in the 1910 Grainger County census, living next door to Mary Mollie and Thomas Daniel Wollard.

See the second generation under, (7.)Adam Linkous m. Margaret "Peggy" Rader, for a discussion on what we know and don't know about the origins of John Barnett Linkous. His origins are uncertain.

81. William Anderson Linkous m. (1st) Didana Smith (2nd) Lucinda Kersey
(No children born to second marriage)

811. Arminta Clementine (1848-?) m. 1867 P. Robert Thornton
812. Mary Adelade (1846-?) m. 1868 Edward Biggs
813. Harriet Elizabeth (1847-?) m. 1874 Stephen S. Thornton
814. Lucendia Cothrene (1860-?) m. 1882 Joseph R. Petit
815. Hannah Ellen (1853-?) m. Thomas W. Kersey
816. Alexander (1856-?) m. Mrs. Roxie Richardson (1860-?)
817. Didana Lettitia (1858-?) m. 1880 Sidney Jackson Boothe
818. John Allen (1860-?) m. (1st) 1879 Emma E. Akers (2nd) 1925 (11513.)Louvina Linkous

William Anderson Linkous lived in Pulaski Co., Virginia. Essentially all his children were married there. William and Lucinda adopted James Warden (1870-?) according to the 1880 census.

82. Charles Linkous m. Eliza Jane ___?___

821. Harriet (1858-?) m. 1877 William F. Stone
822. Ellen (1861-?) m. 1877 Truman Thomas
823. Emaline (1863-?) m. 1878 Alexander Gilmore
824. Sarah C. (1857-?)

Charles and Eliza Jane lived in Montgomery Co., Virginia for we find them there in the 1860 census and the marriage of their children are recorded in Montgomery Co.

84. Madison Adam Linkous m. Narcissa C. P. Godby

841. Rhoda E. (1858-?) m. 1876 (1121.)George Adam "Bruz" Linkous
842. Ollie P. (1867-?) m. 1890 Henry Caves
843. Charles Allen (1864-?) m. 1896 Lucy J. Graham
844. John Thomas (1871-1928) m. Mary Spence (1877-1946)
845. Watson Taylor (1877-1900) m. 1899 Eva May Holiday (1883-?)
847. Nellie G. (1876-1950) m. 1891 (1136.)Scott Linkous (1876-1936)
848. Gustavus M. B. (1861-?)
849. James Alex (1860-1862)
84(10). Maude Lee (1878-?) m. 1899 Deuiett Clinton Turpin (1876-?)
84(11). Lucy P. (1880-?) m. Leonard Turpin
84(12). Flora May (1869-?) m. James Pennington

Madison and Narcissa apparently remained in Montgomery Co., Virginia for they are found there in both the 1860 and 1880 censuses. Madison was a soldier in the Confederate Army. It is told that he developed the habit of sleeping on the ground in a blanket during his military service and would never sleep in a bed after the war. A foster child named Alvin E. Reynolds apparently stayed the family. Alvin married (11212.)Donna Linkous in 1900. Watson Taylor was killed in an accident while building a railroad tunnel.

85. George Linkous m. Elizabeth J. Litton

851. Charles W. "Switch" (1839-?) m. 1874 Eunice Jane Fagg (1849-?)
852. Mary--Died in Infancy

86. Araminta Linkous m. Elijah Turner

861. Mary C. (1845-1871)
862. Margaret E. (1846-?)
863. Giles F. (1849-?)
Eliza J. H.(1853-?)
865. Alexander Kyle (1857-1926) m. 1883 Lidie E. Milbourn (1850-1885) (2nd) Laura A. Stapleton (1865-1912) (3rd) Molly Rorex
866. Sarah A. (1862-?)

Araminta and Elijah moved from Montgomery Co., Virginia to Jonesville in Lee Co., Virginia where their children grew up. After the death of Araminta, Elijah married Louise McElroy.

88. John Allen Linkous m. Mary Marinda Godby

881. Mary Jane (1855-?) m. John W. Roop
882. Rosena (1857-?) m. (1st) 1873 Andrew Thornton (2nd) Jackson Roop
883. Naomi Catherine (1858-?) m. Cass A. Hall
884. Henry Jackson Alexander (1860-1900) m. 1882 Mary Elizabeth Jones (1865-1934)
885. Madison Allen (1861-1931) m. (1st)____?____ (2nd) 1902 Flora Owens (3rd) 1906 Lola May Bandy (1888-?)
886. John Riley (1864-1932) m. (1st) 1887 Mary S. Akers (2nd) 1891 Eva Slusher Duncan
887 Mollie J. (1856-?) m. 1875 John W. Russre
888. Harrison M.

John Allen Linkous apparently lived in Pulaski Co., Virginia for most of his children were born there. He was a soldier in the Confederate Army and served in Co. C, 4th Regt., VA Infantry, as a Sergeant. He probably fought with Captain Christopher Cleburne in the Battle of Cloyd's Mountain just north of Dublin, Virginia and just west of Highway Route 100, was killed in the battle as was Cleburne and is buried on the battle field. He was a saltpeter maker.

89. Thomas Linkous m. Sarah Ann Carner

891. Nancy M. (1845-?)
892. Cary I. (1847-?)
893. James M. (1848-?)

Little is known of (89.)Thomas Linkous except for his name in the 1850 census. A Thomas W. Linkous, Co. B, 4th VA Infantry died of disease in a hospital at Martainsburg in 1861 during the Civil War. This may have been the same person.

92. William Pearis Shell m. Jane Henderson

921. Henrietta (1844-?) m. Capt. E. H. Williams
922. Ellen H. (1848-?) m. 1867 Joseph H. Chumbley (1845-?)
923. Alletha V. m. Crockett Lucas
924. Bessie--unmarried
925. Zillah--unmarried
926. Henderson--Died young
927. Willie Jane m. Joseph Henderson

93. Floyd Crockett Shell m. Matilda Mustard

931. John W. (?-1935) m. (1st) Mantie M. McComson (2nd) Annie Easterling
932. Thomas Draper m. Alice Barnett
933. Estella

94. Levenia Ellen Shell m. Harmon Keister

941. Lizzie--unmarried
942. Harriet
943. Mamie m. ___?___ Clowers
944. George m. ___?___ Ward

95. Margaret Shell m. Andrew Harless

951. Catharine Lavinia (1856-1913) m. 1874 Henry Thomas Einstein
952. Eugene W. (1857-?) m. 1881 Mary George Hurt
953. Mary

End of Third Generation

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