*NOTE: At this time we do not know for sure who "John B. Linkous" parents are. We hope to find out soon, thus providing our "link" to the rest of the Linkous Family :-))

77. John B. Linkous/Lincus m. (1st) Mary Ann Housewright

  • 771. Gibson Meredith1 (1851-1925) m. 1874 Julia "Julie" Ann Hicks/Hix (1852-1924)

    John B. Linkous m. (2nd) Julia L. Stallard

  • 772. Mary "Mollie" (1876-?) m. (1st) Thomas Daniel Wollard (1860-?) (2nd) Frank Brooks
  • 773. Child
  • 774. Child
  • 775. Child
  • 776. Child
  • 777. Child

    John B. Linkous was born on March of 1822 in Tennessee, and died between 1900-1910 in Grainger County Tennessee due to the fact that his second wife, Julia, is listed as a widow in the 1910 census of Grainger County. He married Mary Ann Housewright on November 16, 1846 in Hawkins County Tennessee and settled in Rutledge Grainger County Tennessee to start his family. (His wife, Mary Ann, was born 1821 in Virginia and died when Gibson was born or very young, between 1851 and 1870, in Grainger County. We do find John with a wife named Mary in the 1870 Grainger county census. The only way to explain this is to "guess" that #1. He married another Mary, or he was living with another women and told the census taker that she was his wife Mary, to avoid the embarresment of living with a women he was not married to #2. When the census taker asked his wife's name, he may have told him Mary even though she my have already died. Mary Ann was the daughter of James Housewright & "unknown" of Hawkins County Tennessee.)

    A Housewright cousin, Gladys Owens, has found a deed in Hawkins County Tennessee dated August 19, 1873. It seems to imply that John "Lincus" and "Gipson Lincus" are signing over there intrest in "Dower" rights to land that Mary Ann Housewright was an heir to thru her father (James Housewright). Due to the fact that she did not sign the deed, likely due to her death, John and Gibson had to sign there interest in the property so that the land could be legally sold to John Skelton Sr.

    John later remarried to his second wife Julia L. Stallard on September 1, 1873 in Hawkins Co., Tennessee and resettled in Blaine Crossroads (Blaine today) Grainger Co., Tennessee. (His second wife, Julia, was born March of 1840 in Virginia and died in the 1910s in Grainger Co., Tennessee. Her parents are unknown) In the 1900 Grainger Co. census it states that Julia was a mother of six children, with five still living at the time of the census taking (June 9, 1900). After Mary "Mollie", we must assume that there are five other children and other unfound descendants of John & Julia to be located at this time. We may also want to bear in mind that Julia was 33 years old when she married John, and that it would be possible for her to have been married to a "Stallard" before marrying John and that the five "unknown" children listed above could be from the marriage to a "Stallard" (this is pure speculation on my part, something to keep in mind while doing additional research). According to the Grainger Co. census records from 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1900, John was not able to read or write. At the signing of the above mentioned deed he had to make his "X" mark, as did his son Gibson.

    The Linkous surname of John Barnett has been found spelled the following ways in census and deed records as Lincos, Lincols, Linkis, Lincus and Linkus.

    (Children and grandchildren of John B. Linkous & Mary Ann Housewright)

    771. Gibson Meredith Lincus/Linkes m. Julia "Julie" Ann Hicks/Hix

    Gibson, also spelled Gipson after his uncle Gipson Housewright, was born October of 1851 in Grainger County, Tennessee and he died on March 27, 1925 in Elizabethton, Carter County, Tennessee. He married Julia Ann Hicks on June 25, 1874 in Hawkins Co.,Tennessee. (His wife Julia was born April 1, 1852 in Watauga County, North Carolinia and died October 1, 1924 in Butler, Johnson Co., Tennessee. The daughter of Hiram Hicks/Hix and Jennie Teaster/Tester.

    From family stories (not facts) that we have relied on, passed down thru the generations, Gibson Meredith lost his mother at his birth or at the young age of 11 or 12 years old. If this is true, then the Mary listed with John in the 1870 Grainger Co. census could be the second marriage of John to another Mary, and Julia would be the third. Gibson told his grandson, Ashely Dalton Linkes Sr.(who lived with them when he was 16 years old in order to care for them), that "I ran away from home around the age of 12 and never went back to see my father, I wanted to many times and thought about it often, but I never did. That day I remember my father taking me out to a large tract of land (in Grainger Co.), giving me an axe, he told me to clear the land of trees, stumps, and brush. I watched him as he went over the hill, and as soon as his big hat disappeared behind that hill, I struck the axe into a stump and ran in the opposite direction (toward Hawkins Co.)." We do find Gibson on record in the Hawkins Co., TN. Court Minutes, Book 5, pg. 140, dated October 8, 1878, where he owed back taxes to the county for the year 1877 of $1.50. He is living in Hawkins Co. District #7, the same district that his Housewright cousins, Daniel and Henry, are living. This my suggest that he ran away to Hawkins County and settling among his branch of the Housewright family. My grandfather, Earl Hunter Linkes, told me the same story, but added; "Grandpa ran away because he was very angry with his father for marrying another women and that he didn't want anything to do with his step mother or his 1/2 Brothers and sisters." We do know that Gibson did see his father at least once on August 19, 1873 in Hawkins County when he and his father signed over the "dower" rights to land that Mary Ann Housewright was an heir to.

    Vada Parlee (Hicks) Holley, grandaughter of Gibson, told me this story, "Grandpa worked for a rich family, in Hawkins county, by the name of Phellps or Phillips. He was an overseer of slaves for that family. Grandma Julie told me that she meet Grandpa in Rogersville (Hawkins Co., TN) when she came to live there with her sister, Margaret (Hicks), while she attended school in Rogersville. Margaret's husband was a Prichert or Pritchard and that he didn't treat Margaret very well. Grandma Julie also said that Grandpa had the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen and soon feel in love with him and they married in Rogersville (Hawkins Co., TN).

    (Children and grandchildren of John B. Linkous & Julia L. Stallard)

    772. Mary "Mollie" Linkus m. (1st) Thomas Daniel Wollard (2nd) Frank Brooks
    (No children born to second marriage)

    Mary "Mollie" was born November of 1876 in Virginia. She married Thomas Daniel Wollard and soon settled in Jefferson County, Tennessee.(He was the son of Nicholas Wollard and Martha Jane "unknown") Mary and Thomas took care of Julia as we find them in the 1910 Grainger Co. census living next door to her and she is listed as a widow. Mary and Thomas resettled in Jefferson County, Tennessee sometime after the 1910 census was taken, for we find them there in the 1920 Jefferson Co. census. When Thomas died, Mary remarried to Frank Brooks. Frank was the father of Leon Brooks who married Thomas and Mary daughter Laura Mae.

    In the 1900 Grainger Co. census we find Mary Wollard (spelled Marry Woodard) and son William Wollard (spelled Woodard) living with John and Julia Linkous (spelled Linkis). Thomas is not listed with them, but we can assume that they are already married since both are using the Wollard (Woodard) surname. Mary states that she has been married "0" years thus indicating that her and Thomas where just married that year.

    (Children and grandchildren of Gibson Lincus/Linkes & Julia Ann Hicks/Hix)

    7711. Center "Cope" Coplin Linkes m. Susie Elmina Wagner1

    7712. John Hiram Linkes m. Sarah Jane Beard1


    7713. Minnie Belle Linkes unmarried


    7714. Emily Linkes m. A.D. Cordele


    7715. Zackariah "Zack" Linkes m. Gertrude "Gertie" Lillian Younce


    7716. Virginia "Virgie" Jo Linkes m. Adam Hicks Jr.


    (Children and grandchildren of Mary "Mollie" Linkus & Thomas Daniel Wollard)

    7721. William "Willie" Wollard m. ______?______

    Some of our branch of the family are, and some of them are, but all of them are just plain "good ole folks", I LOVE them all!

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