"The Linkous Homestead in Blacksburg, Montgomery Co., Virginia taken July 2000"

This is the home built by Henry Linkous & his wife Elizabeth Shiflet in 1799.

Hello, my name is John Linkes (also prononced Link-us by our branch). I am a descendant of John B. Linkous/Lincus, who is my g.g.g.grandfather. John B. Linkous/Lincus is a descendant of Henry Linkous, but, we are just not sure how he connects at this time. Hopefully with future research will have the answer.

The purpose of this "Homepage" is two fold. FIRST; I want to help my Linkes/Linkous family cousins to find, and learn more, about there families history. SECOND; With the help of a "Homepage", I to hope to learn more about our families history. With this information, I intend to share it with you on this "Homepage" or thru correspondence. So you see, this is intended to be a continuous "circle" of information, for all of us to share in. SORRY, information about family members who are currently living, WILL NOT be given out on this homepage, unless that family member reguest that it be posted. NO dates or personal history will be given out otherwise about those persons, for there protection.

If this is your first time visiting this site, please sign the "GUEST BOOK" at the end. You may also share a message about your branch of the family there for others to see.

I started to research my Linkes/Linkous family history in 1979. That year in high school, our History class was assigned the "simple" task of putting together a pedigree chart of each students family history. I was "embarrased" that I knew very little about my families history, as I was only able to "trace" back to my g.g.grandfather. Many of the students where able to go back many generations & into other countries. To make a long story short,, from that time on, I had "caught the fever" of the "genealogy bug."
Our Branch of the "Linkes" family has always known that we are related to those who spell the surname "Linkous." With the help of my brother-in-law, who was experinced somewhat in genealogy, he was able to get me organized on how to search for my "missing links" or in my case missing "Linkes/Linkous." Then, I came into contact with Clovis E. Linkous in 1981. He was a BIG help at pointing me in the right direction to research the family.
Here is my link to a "little start" of my branch of the family
Descendants of John Barnett Linkous."

The various spellings of the LINKOUS surname I have encountered in many records & "old" Family lines are:

  • Linkes
  • Lincous
  • Linkis
  • Lincols
  • Lincas
  • Linkus
  • Lincos
  • Lincus
  • Lyncus
  • Linkons
  • Linkhous
  • Lincons

The only surname I have found used today are LINKOUS and LINKES. That is why I have kept the two surnames separate, yet combined, as they are two seperate surnames used today, but, at the same time both descending back to the first Linkous who settled in America in the 1700's. Some of the reasons for the various spellings was due to the fact that our ancestors were not able to read or write. Many of the "record keepers" who recorded information about our ancestors were some what illiterate or just spelled the surname the way it sounded to them.



HENRY LINKOUS is the "father" of all Linkous (Linkes) family members in America. His German name was Henrich Linckost, and he came to North America from Germany in 1776 on the ship Friesland as a German soldier. The German soldiers had been "hired" by the British to fight with them in the American War of Independence. After the war was over, he stayed and started his family. He was born 1744 in Weissenborn-Luderode, Germany. He died 1822 in Montgomery Co. Virginia (his father is Joachim Linckorst, his mother is "unknown" at this time). He married: Elizabeth Shiflet abt. 1779 in Virginia.

They had the following children:
1. John (1780-1822) m. Elizabeth Trolinger (1778-____)
2. George (1782-____) m. Mary ___________
3. Thomas (1785-1844) m. Susanna __________
4. Jacob (1787-____) m. Mary Kipps
5. Elizabeth (1789-1845) m.1808 Jacob Stanger
6. Henry Jr. (1790-1861) m.1822 Frances Shell (1801-1862)
7. Adam (1793-1841) m. (1st) 1816 Margaret "Peggy" Rader m. (2nd) 1834 Margaret Reeder (1794-1882)
8. Alexander Francis (1795-1861) m. 1817 Mary Polly Allen
9. Hannah (1797-1844) m. 1817 John H. Shell

*NOTE: The information about Henry Linkous, and the second and third generations, were taken from the book "The Linkous Family History Expanded" by Clovis E. Linkous, published by Gateway Press Inc. Baltimore, MD in 1997. Clovis has given me permission to use certain parts from his book and to do Look-ups on this Homepage for the Family. Clovis has spent 37+ years gathering information from many cousins & personal hard work before the "Personal Computer" became popular. My "hats off" to you cousin, for making it easier to research our LINKOUS family.

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