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Remember to use the "find" function on your browser to locate the Family entry on the record. Some records contain one, other's contain many. Remember also the various spellings of the surname. The links below belong to a lot of people who have gone to great length to provide these records on websites. I deserve no credit for there HARD WORK, only that I have linked them all together to share with you here on the "Homepage." Use Your Browsers Back Keys To Return, Most Of These Links Do Not Have Return Links Back to the Homepage :-))


Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System Search Civil War records for the Linkous Family.


Montgomery Co., VA 1888-89 Chataigne's Gazetteer & Business Directory

Pulaski Co., Va 1888-89 Chataigne's Gazetteer & Business Directory

History of Beckly and Raleigh County, West Virginia.

Mountain Union Regular Baptist Association.

History of Washington District of Regular Primative Baptist. 1811-1951

Brown Cemetery (Pulaski Co., VA)

Highland Church Cemetery (Pulaski Co.,VA)

Hickman Cemetery (Pulaski Co., VA)

Mountain View Methodist Cemetery (Pulaski Co., VA)

Owens Cemetery (Pulaski Co., VA)

Rockford United Methodist Church Cemetery (Pulaski Co., VA)

Obituary: Linkous (W.VA)

Miscellaneous Southwest Virginia Land Grants

1860 Floyd County census.

1860 Pulaski County census.

Sparks Family Census notes (VA)

Muster Rolls, Virginia Volunteers, 1917-20.

Wise County WW-2 Deaths.

63rd Virginia Infantry, C.S.A.

22nd Virginia Cavalry, U.S.A.

Company C 36 Virginia Infantry (W.VA)

Mexican War (Pulaski & Sister counties)

Pulaski Co., VA Places (Linkous Ferry) Historical


Hickory Cove Baptist Church Minutes

Hawkins County Marriages 1847-1858 (index groom)

Hawkins County Marriages 1847-1858 (index bride)

Hawkins County Marriages 1865-1867.

Hawkins County Marriages 1865-1868 (cont.)

Hawkins County Marriages 1899-1900 (index groom)

Hawkins County Marriages 1899-1900 (index bride)

1836 Hawkins County Civil District & Registered Voter's.

1867 Hawkins Co. (partial) voters list.

1860 Slave Census of Hawkins County.

1860 Hawkins County census, District 9.

1900 Hawkins Co. Census Index.

1910 Hawkins County census with index.

1920 Hawkins County census with index.

Tennessee Death Records Index 1908-1912: L [part 4]

Tennessee Death Records Index 1914-1925: Union County part 1 [A-L]

Tennessee Death Records Index 1914-1925: Hawkins County part 2 [F-L]

Tennessee Death Records Index 1914-1925: Carter County part 2 [F-L]


Buffalo Cemetery - LaRue County, Kentucky.

Obituary: Linkous (KY)


Indiana Marriages through 1850 (Search Lincus)

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